Special Events

The Dawn Wall (15) 10 November 2019, 8.00 pm.

                                                          Dirs: Josh Lowell, Peter Mortimer, USA, 2018, 135 mins

The Dawn Wall.jpg

In January, 2015, American rock climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson captivated the world with their effort to climb the Dawn Wall, a seemingly impossible 3,000 foot rock face in Yosemite National Park, California. The pair lived on the sheer vertical cliff for weeks, igniting a frenzy of global media attention. But for Tommy Caldwell, the Dawn Wall was much more than just a climb. It was the culmination of a lifetime defined by overcoming obstacles. At the age of 22, the climbing prodigy was taken hostage by rebels in Kyrgyzstan. Shortly after, he lost his index finger in an accident, but resolved to come back stronger. When his marriage fell apart, he escaped the pain by fixating on the extraordinary goal of free climbing the Dawn Wall. Blurring the line between dedication and obsession, Caldwell and his partner Jorgeson spend six years meticulously plotting and practicing their route. On the final attempt, with the world watching, Caldwell is faced with a moment of truth. .(IMDB).

I Was Born, but... (U) 09 Feb 2020, 8.00 pm.

Dir:  ‎Yasujirō Ozu, Japan, 1932, 100 mins. Silent.

I Was Born But ....jpg

In Yasujirô Ozu’s silent I Was Born, But…, businessman Kennosuke (Tatsuo Saito) relocates to the Tokyo suburbs with his wife and rambunctious two sons, earning his keep from the father of his children’s schoolyard bully, and providing an authoritative, seasoned voice in a film that lovingly puts childhood in sobering contact with adult life. The two brothers (Tomio Aoki and Hideo Sugawara) are a curious pair: Reverent toward their elders, but disappointed by what they consider their father’s undue workplace subordination, the young Keji and Ryoichi are the wide-eyed, sometimes garrulous and stubborn counterpoints to Kennosuke’s own experiences as a man who’s already come of age. But coming of age, as Ozu shows us, is an experience without clearly identifiable points of origin or closure; it’s meant to be struggled with, argued for and against, debated with, resisted and seduced by, repudiated and advocated for. In I Was Born, But…, it’s an experience that sticks. (Slant)